Choice freedom credit card

by , 22 Oct 2013

Am I the latest victim of this company? Thought i was getting a credit card and what did i get? A card that entitles me to shop in their half empty warehouse! Their site is so misleading i want to shop in the high street not in the tatty corner shop! The stuff is so old i mean they are selling games for ps2! And frying pans even the bedding is too old fashioned even for me nan. Has anyone else signed up with these people and what did you do?


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Hi jacquid68

Yes, unfortunately you are yet another victim of this company.

Their card is NOT a Credit card, for a fee they allow you to spend up to £750 in their online store, which as you have discovered is full you said Tatt!!

While it is misleading and hundreds have fallen for it, they do make it perfectly clear that it is not a Credit card - they call it a Merchandise Card - and that it can only be used in their shopping outlet. It does say on their main page: "The Choice Freedom Platinum Merchandise Card credit line can be used exclusively
online at the . Please read complete terms and conditions".

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure you read and understand the small print, and always check for reviews on the internet whenever you are thinking of handing over money for something. Had you Googled them you would have founds hundreds of reviews warning people to avoid this card like the plague!!!

by Bonz1957, 22 Oct 2013

Not a company I was aware of so thanks for the posting jacquid66 and for your info Bonz.

by Dorrie, 22 Oct 2013

You're welcome, Dorrie.

by Bonz1957, 22 Oct 2013
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Good news guys! After a rant and rave on the phone with them this morning i have just received an email and they are refunding my £29.95 thanks very much xx

by jacquid68, 22 Oct 2013

That's really good news,thanks for sharing it.

by Dorrie, 23 Oct 2013

ive just been stupid enough to apply for 1. have sent e.mail after reading reviews to cancel my card. not activated my account yet. they should be named and shamed

by jeanmal32, 28 Dec 2013
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well i fell for it as well, have sent severall emails just a few hours ago after reading some of your comments and after threatining them with the police they are issuing me with a complete refund should be bk in my account within 72 hours will keep you all updated
lynette m

by nettie1, 20 Feb 2014

What is there email address I to have been scammed by Wendy

by wendymn86, 8 Apr 2014
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