National Lottery Price Increase

by , 12 Aug 2013

On October 5th the cost of a lottery ticket will increase to £2.

We do not do the lottery but know many people who do. Every single one of them bar 2 have said that once the price increases, they will no longer play the game. The implications of this, if repeated across the country are huge with the money available for 'good causes' and sports funding drying up to a trickle.

I think Camelot have scored a huge own goal with this, pricing many people out of taking part


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It's an interesting one, steve.

Part of me says that a 100% price increase is iniquitous, but it's remained at £1 ever since it started nearly 20 years ago.

Obviously the prize that people win most often is the one for matching three numbers. That will be gong up from £10 to £25, so 2.5 x prize, for 2.0 x stake. Much rather that than increases in the big prizes that you have a snowball's chance of winning.

I shall continue to have a small flutter in the hope that I might win something one day.

by Feline123, 12 Aug 2013

The Lottery are working on the premise that greater prize money appeals to the greed in us, whilst at the same time allowing them to also increase their revenue streams and profit margins. A two-fold greed.

I have always done my lottery by direct debit and have now decided not to renew this and pay 100% more per month and for the slight chance of maybe winning something.

by Parchester, 12 Aug 2013

From the people I have spoken to, this does seem to be the concensus view.

Admittedly my poll was ludicrously small, but of the 17 people to whom I happened to mention this, who happen to play the game 10 said they would no longer continue to play (60%), 4 said they would play but buy 1 line rather than two (23%), 1 did not know (11%) and only 2 said they would continue 1(6%)

If those figures happen to be repeated across the nation the lottery will be a dim and distant memory within a year or two

by steve_ben2004, 12 Aug 2013
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This is not inflation but a rip off.
The prize money is a mathematical factor of the ticket price.
If the cost goes up the prizes should be directly proportional and go up by the same factor.
But will there be twice the prizes? In which case keep the same prizes and the same stake.

There is also an economy of scale, twice the revenue with the same admin cost should mean more prizes still.

by gryan1, 12 Aug 2013

Your glass is always half empty isn't it, gryan.

If you ever have anything positive to say about anything at all, will you let me know please. I don't live in the world where everybody is trying to rip me off, and the world is going to Hell in a bloody handcart. I actually live in a world with really good neighbours and friends, supportive family and a bit of fun.

You should try it!

by Feline123, 12 Aug 2013

feline grayan can have a view dont tell him off ,he may not be like me i can take it he might have no family or neighbours only us as friends he has a point £2 to much x

by gregbu, 13 Aug 2013

Thanks Feline, in my next lfe I will try only to get friends who won't have the discourtesy to die before me. And family, bastards, dying without permission, although I do have one aunt left and she is 94.

But I still have my son and girlfriend, thanks for asking.

Neighbours - don't have barbies with them. Should I be trying to get them in the house more? I only know them as neighbours like most of the country, I think. I don't think it unusual to not have them as mates? I know them by name, have their phone numbers and send them Christmas cards but not birthday cards.

By neighbours I mean 3 to the left and 3 to the right and one behind.

How many neighbours do most people know? Bet 7 is quite high on the national statistic but haven't looked it up on the infallible web, so don't quote me, that is plagiarism.

Friends then. Had some. Some dead, Some , in fact nearest, is 50 miles away. Guess working 30 or 40 miles from work (on a good day) I can't claim colleagues as friends.

I met a many times published author for the first time about 3 weeks ago and we got to talking, he showed me around his house and rather extensive gardens (about 12 acres). We spent time going over some of his current projects (which are in the public eye at present) and we have corresponded by email several times since and I have an invite for a meal with partners.

Is he a friend or just a needy beggar? I guess that's another Christmas card at least.

As for the lottery. I am a numbers guy. Double the money and it should be double the prizes, otherwise they get a huge extra profit.
Will that go to more charities. Some charities have mentioned not getting lottery help and wondered just how much does actually get paid out now. If they have twice the fund what happens then?

I ask the question before the inevitable headline, perhaps, rather avoid than react to a problem - because I live in the light not the dark place as you suggest.

My cup is hardly ever half full or half empty. I consume so quickly I am either ready for another (completely empty) or have had my fill (still empty but just can't fit another in). Half is only a fleeting event.

by gryan1, 13 Aug 2013

Having had a slapped wrist from Martin for reacting to your abuse, I'm going back to ignoring you now, which I had managed to do for ages, and should have continued to do.

Unless you can post any evidence on the 'fat' thread.

by Feline123, 13 Aug 2013

Get over yourself and accept what I have seen.

Take any documentary from 20 years ago or more and try to find it now. On the web. A different media and a different age.

It does not detract one bit from the fact that in a documentary on the TV 20 years ago a statement was made by the guy digging out the fat from restaurants that this is what they did with it.

I guess that it repeatedly happens for a quarter century means no one has learned a lesson in how to stop blocking sewers.

by gryan1, 13 Aug 2013

Ah, so it's fat from restaurants now, not fat from sewers....

by Feline123, 13 Aug 2013

Feline how did the fat get in the drains then? Origin is restaurants.

by gryan1, 19 Aug 2013
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I vaguely recall a newspaper article suggesting that Camelot are not keen to renew their license. If so, this may be one way of reducing the ticket buyers for the next company that runs it.

by EXSUDBURY, 13 Aug 2013

Parchester.... you got it in 1 ... greed.

by martini97, 13 Aug 2013

Might as well take a punt at the Euro lottery for the increase.

I have saved nearly £1,000 by not paying the lottery, based on just 1 go a week.
How many people do you know who have won £1,000 over the years, and do they spend 2, 3, or £5 a week?

by gryan1, 13 Aug 2013

Sometimes a bit of fun.
Bingo .. lottery ... flutter on the National.
Life is so so serious.
£3 for a pint ... £7 for cigs any cashback with those.

by martini97, 13 Aug 2013

Well said, martini!

by Feline123, 13 Aug 2013
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Well there are 3 or so threads on this so I'll just cut and paste.

With twice the price the winnings should be doubled as the win is not a fixed amount but a factor or the total tickets bought.

But other than a few tweaks, the prize money and/or money to charity has not doubled, so a con.

by gryan1, 3 Oct 2013
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