ukcps ticket for leaving the site

by , 14 Oct 2012

got a lovely Parking charge notice from ukcps within 5 minutes of parking in a retail park, apparently I was observed leaving the site. Have now had a letter telling me I owe £100,is to say the least a very poor example of a company letter. Should I hold my nerve and do nothing? Also has anyone else taken it up with the DVLA or their MP as to why our private addresses are given so freely to these organisations. Does this not make a mockery of the Date Protection that everyone seems to bang on about?


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I'd challenge it and ask them to provide evidence. Do you have proof that you paid?

by Jazzj, 14 Oct 2012

It was a free carpark so no we did not pay. One of those nice retail parks. Right opposite a large shopping complex.

by susie58, 14 Oct 2012

Martin Lewis did a programme the other night on parking fines and most of them don't need to be paid at all. You may still be able to view it on Iplayer or something. A lot of these companies just try it on and enough people pay them that it's worth them continuing.

by SJKenny, 4 Nov 2012

It was an excellent insight into the way these corrupt car park companies operate by fear and extortion .
Just disgraceful .

by nadge, 5 Nov 2012

I think that some crooks just sit around thinking about the best/easiest ways to scam people and they kind of hook onto areas where we are most vulnerable. Ie they know we are all aware that you could be fined if you park in certain spots; they know we know that clamping terrifies the hell out of us - so they set up shop, looking all official and try to scare the hell out of us till we pay.
I'll bet loooooooooads of people have paid a scam co. parking fine or clamping money because they thought they had no option. It's scandalous!!!

by SJKenny, 10 Nov 2012
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Hi susie58 and welcome.

This smacks of greedy corporate enforcement! Are you saying that by observing you leaving the site, it was concluded that you were not going to spend any money in the retail park? And were there enforcement notices actually spelling out that you will be charged if you leave the site? Do people not have the right to find, say, a public toilet and return to do your shopping? And was there an overall time limit for which you could park?

I am at a loss to understand what is going on here ..... and yes, write to YOUR MP regarding this outrage and of course your issue with DVLC SELLING their register details for profit.

by Snoopy48, 14 Oct 2012

Thanks for your reply. I arrived there five minutes before the ticket was issued and yes there were signs saying they will fine you if you left the site, but I did not see the personon issueing the tickets and was back within 10 minutes of arriving.....the ticket says I left the site not that I overstayed or anything else. Fuming does not even come close on this one. I will be contacting my MP regarding their practice and my concerns at the DVLC buying details.

by susie58, 14 Oct 2012

Yes, that's what I would do .
It's a damned disgrace;

by nadge, 14 Oct 2012

Totally outrageous.... Ignore it!

by Feline123, 14 Oct 2012


by Jazzj, 14 Oct 2012
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It is ONLY a Parking Charge not a Penalty Charge, so ignore this and the next few threatening requests for a payment.

Do not reply to the letter.

by basildonboy, 14 Oct 2012

Thank you, I'm not going to pay - cant anyway as I just dont have the cash. Still fuming about it. Will be complaining bitterly to MP tho.

by susie58, 14 Oct 2012

Good for you, susie. Ridiculous situation!

by Feline123, 17 Oct 2012
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It's a pathetic joke .
Don't pay .
Tell the assh^les to prove it .
DVLA are corrupt .

by nadge, 14 Oct 2012

could'nt agree more with you on both statements.

by susie58, 14 Oct 2012

It amazes me how DVLA choose to ignore Data Protection legislation , and sell our details to anyone prepared to pay !

by nadge, 22 Nov 2012
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We have a similar problem a couple of miles from me. We have 2 retail sites literally right next to each other, and there is a specially designed footpath from one to the other. Both car parks are free if you use the shops, and people have always parked in one but shopped in both sites.

But I read recently that they intend to fine you a lot of money if you park in one of the car parks and walk to the other site (all of a minute or two's walk) without moving your car from one car park to the other car park.

What's that the road from one to the other is extremely busy and extremely slow moving, and it would take you ages to get back in your car, wait ages to get out onto the main road, crawl a few feet at a time, and then wait ages to get in the other car park and park there!

by fruitcake, 15 Oct 2012

It seems to me Fruitcake that the freedom of the individual is being slowly but surely eroded every day ..... to actually have to spy on people to ascertain that they are 'illegally' walking from one site to the other without taking their car with them is deplorable .... technology has a lot to answer for, for sure, but this means tracking the car and it's driver as two separate records .... this is taking CCTV to new heights if invasion, unless this whole thing is logged by little uniformed jobsworths with clip boards?

by Snoopy48, 15 Oct 2012


by Jazzj, 15 Oct 2012

I've no idea how people's movements will be recorded, Snoops. I've never seen anyone checking the cars or people, but then I haven't been specifically looking. There's bound to be CCTV there of course. I don't think it's really about freedom of movement, I think it's about making money out of 'free' car parks! It's completely crazy, as the entrances to the two car parks are all of a few hundred yards away from each other!

by fruitcake, 15 Oct 2012

I wonder how much they'll make by the time they've paid someone to look at the tapes and all the admin??

by Jazzj, 15 Oct 2012

Heck fruity there is a Retail Outlet a few miles away which is situated exactly as you have said with Asda at one side then a path and the outlet at the other with two parking areas (one in each) so I wonder if they will do that to them one day. I will keep an eye open for this and thank you for your posting.

by Sabre, 16 Oct 2012

It's quite a common set up isn't it, and you'd have to be loopy to drive from one to another, apart from fuel cost, what about the damage to the environment?

by Jazzj, 16 Oct 2012

Well, it wouldn't cost much in fuel or environmental damage, Jazz, as the exit of one car park and the entrance of the other is all of a couple of hundred yards! That's why it's so utterly stupid to expect people to move their cars. And you could so easily not be able to get a space in the other one once you've moved it, and then have to go the shops will lose out big time!

by fruitcake, 16 Oct 2012

I always thought short journeys did the most damage as the engine hadn't warmed up properly....? More than happy to admit I'm wrong!

by Jazzj, 16 Oct 2012

Not saying that you're wrong, Jazz, because you're not, just saying it's such a short distance it's hardly worth starting the engine, you could push your car to the other car park, and it would be quicker than driving the few yards because of the heavy traffic. I wouldn't use my car to go to the end of my street of 8 houses and that's all the distance it is! That's why they built the footpath between the two shopping sites and the footpath is about 10 yards long :-)

by fruitcake, 16 Oct 2012

Money making exercise, pure and simple!!

by Jazzj, 16 Oct 2012

My thoughts exactly! But will it pay off if people start going somewhere else to shop? I hope it hasn't been implemented yet and also hope it never does happen.

by fruitcake, 16 Oct 2012

Where else do you go??? If you can't go to the town centre because of horrendous parking fees, and now the out of town ones are starting, we#ll all be shopping online!

by Jazzj, 16 Oct 2012

That's exactly the same as ours. Crackers to have to move the car to another parking area which is about 2 minutes away and very busy in both car parks.

by Sabre, 16 Oct 2012

So ridiculous, isn't it, Sabre?! You'd think since the retailers are so desperate for us to spend, they would object to these stupid ideas.

by fruitcake, 17 Oct 2012
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I hate spies and jobsworths .

by nadge, 16 Oct 2012

Wow! I can't believe what I'm reading. Don't pay. It's the last thing you should do. I think that they just hope that people will be afraid and will pay up straight away. If you don't it'll probably be too much trouble/cost to pursue you. And yes - definitely contact your MP - on the couple of occasions I've contacted mine, they've been very helpful and sorted out my problems completely.

by SJKenny, 16 Oct 2012

Ignore the request. Some would advise that you shouldn't even reply but I have in the past and placed the onus of proof on them.

I have also informed them that I would not be paying their charge as it was unfair and unreasonable and certainly not befitting of their alleged "offence".

Rest assured this is a civil matter issued by a privately operated company.

Their site will give the impression of legitimacy and that they appear to have a legal authority. They haven't. They issue Penalty Charge Notice's in a style that suggests it is a legal document. It isn't!

Non-payment will not give you a criminal record.

I would add that if this was issued by the police or a local authority parking attendant then that is a different matter altogether and they have very clear procedures for appealing a ticket.

When you receive any further letters from them, ignore them too but keep them in a file.

If they understand from the outset that you are not going to play ball with them, they know that the only way to get money out of you is to take you to court and this they will be reluctant to do as this will cost them considerably more than what they are asking from you and there is no certainty that a court will rule in their favour.

This is nothing more than bully boy tactics and I'd go so far as to say extortion.

Keep everything you receive from them. If they unreasonably persist then you may well have a claim for harassment.

by Parchester, 5 Nov 2012

Pure extortion , indeed !

by nadge, 5 Nov 2012

Good advice, Parchy!

by fruitcake, 5 Nov 2012
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Send them an invoice for £120, as that is your hourly charge for the time spent reading and responding to their letter, also place on the back that sending you another letter or responding to this letter is acceptance of the invoice and your terms and conditions ;-)

Payment to be made within 7 days of receipt of the letter ;-)

by ToxicChili, 5 Nov 2012

Excellent , TC

by nadge, 5 Nov 2012

Lol, TC! Like it! :-)

by fruitcake, 5 Nov 2012

I have sent more than a few invoices and admin charges. I use to send my bank one everytime they messed up, if they told me a cheque would clear on a certain day and it didn't, £30 charge, if a transfer took longer than expected, £30 charge ;-)

They paid every time.

by ToxicChili, 5 Nov 2012

Well done , TC !
I'll be trying this !

by nadge, 9 Nov 2012

Me too, Sis!

by Feline123, 22 Nov 2012
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I parked in a retail car park today which allowed 3 hours free parking. I arrived at 9.45 and left at 11.50. When I got back to my car I had a ticket, parking attendant was no where in sight and had not been in sight when I arrived. I think they just go round making it up and see if they can get away with it.

by fionap, 9 Nov 2012

YES , of course they do !
Just don't pay .Ignore it !

by nadge, 9 Nov 2012

I think you may well be right.

These jobs worth's feel they have a little bit of power and rather than act in a responsible manner, abuse their role.

They may well be on a commission or target incentives and the more tickets they issue the more benefits they gain.

I suspect that these unregulated industries act on the belief that if you issue enough tickets then some poor unsuspecting person will pay up without questioning.

I call this practice extortion and fraud and the sooner government legislates to curb these private companies power the better.

Additionally, another approach would be to write to the stores that make up the retail park and state that the company they have employed to manage their car parks are exploiting potential customers and intimidating shoppers away with their extortionate practices.

by Parchester, 9 Nov 2012

Another way of scamming is the no return within x hours. You buy something with a problem and go back to the shop and get a ticket for returning within the specified time. This is when you use the sale of goods act whereby the retailer is responsible for ALL charges relating to the rectification of faulty/damaged goods.(Did you know that?) Didn't argue, just passed the ticket charge straight back to the supermarket concerned. No more heard.

by Sealate, 10 Nov 2012

Excellent advice !
Thanks , Sealate .

by nadge, 10 Nov 2012

Excellent, thanks Sealate, I'll remember that

by Jazzj, 10 Nov 2012

Didn't know that, Sealate, thanks for the info!

by fruitcake, 10 Nov 2012

Nice one, Sealate. Thanks.

by Feline123, 22 Nov 2012
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hi everyone, update on the lovely UKCPS company, Recieved one letter telling me not to ignore notice and this week received another from Court Proceedings Ltd London, informing me that the have been instructed to recover the debt in full (£120) in the next seven days. Failure to comply will result in court action being progressed for the original debt in full plus associated costs which could exceed £325.
I need some help with this one as I fully intend to take it to court and fight them, aswell as claiming for my expenses so if any one has had one of these letters and has had the final court papers I would love to know how you proceeded and if there any any draft letters etc?
Checking on other sites it seems people get several letters before the treat of court - I only had the one. Are the hotting up and actually carrying out their threats lately or am I just unlucky?

by susie58, 21 Nov 2012

As far as I am aware, Court Proceedings Ltd are part of UKCPS and aren't even a debt collection company. In fact they had their CCA licence removed last year.

I don't believe they can operate legally as a debt collection company. This is not an enforcable fine, it is just an invoice.

by ToxicChili, 22 Nov 2012 if you want to search it.
Licence number 0638653

by ToxicChili, 22 Nov 2012

Fight them , susie

by nadge, 22 Nov 2012

Oh and also, don't give out any information which would identify you to them as it is likely that they read the forums on posts about them. If anyone you don't know PM's you with advice, also be careful.

If you feel inclined, ask for photographic proof of leaving the carpark and also proof that they are licenced to operate as a debt collector.

In there letter do they admit to being part of UKCPS or try to make you believe they are seperate?

by ToxicChili, 22 Nov 2012

@nadge a good hiding might sort them out.

by ToxicChili, 22 Nov 2012

I'd just love to arrange it , TC !
The pleasure will be mine !

by nadge, 22 Nov 2012
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I'm a bit confused about all this. I've had a notice from UKCPS saying I overstayed the 90 minutes free parking limit at a Retail Park. I think I probably did overstay this time limit. Should I be paying?

by benjinx4, 3 Dec 2012

NO !
Fight them !

by nadge, 3 Dec 2012
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