i just want to win the lottery then all my family and friend will be stress free and can enjoy the finest thing in the world!

by , 18 Mar 2012

can you tell me the lottery numbers for this weeks draw ha ha lol


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Oooo now let me get out my Crystal ball..........nope, too hazy! lol

Yes, it would be nice to have enough money in the bank to be carefree AND treat all my friends too. But I wouldnt want those HUGE sums you see some win on the EuroMillions. I think that would also bring stresses, just a different type Im afraid. No, just enough to pay the bills and go on a couple of hols a year and Id be a happy bunny.

by madmumof5, 18 Mar 2012

Money brings stresses?

I think those are the kind of stresses I'd prefer to live with...

by G-Man, 19 Mar 2012

As somebody once remarked, money can't buy you happiness, but it gets you a whole better class of misery!

by thetruth, 19 Mar 2012

So right, thetruth!

by Feline123, 19 Mar 2012

Champagne flutes do it for me, thetruth!

by Feline123, 19 Mar 2012
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Oh my jenia ... a woman after my own heart! And welcome to the forum.

Actually it's a mugs game but there and again, you have to be in it to win it. And people do, don't they? It's that 1 in 53 Million plus chance that puts me off ... winning a tenner 'now and again' doesn't fill me with joy.

So yes, we all do it simply because we know it juts could be us this week ... that's the beauty of it all, we all have exactly the same chance. One thing I do know is that there is no system to tell us what numbers will come up. And in theory, 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 have just the same chance as any other combination.

However, winning several million may not always be the answer to a stress free life .... that kind of money may bring it's problems.

But to give you a heads up here, I have a 49 sided dice that I am just about to toss for you ..... and here's the result ..... 02, 25, 27, 14, 49 & 17.

I am very reasonable here ... 10% and I'll be your friend forever!

by Snoopy48, 19 Mar 2012

Apparently hundreds of people play 1,2,3,4,5,6 so if they ever did come up there would only be a very small sum each paid out.

by roseangel, 19 Mar 2012

It would be lovely to treat family and friends and do some good to the charities. The security of knowing you have a good amount in your bank account must make you stress free.

by Sabre, 19 Mar 2012

Yes, I agree, it would be good to be able to put some money and effort behind a favourite charity.

by thetruth, 19 Mar 2012
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As I said before you know when you are desperate when you try to dream or rely on the Lottery saving your bacon.

by Omendata, 19 Mar 2012

Omen, always the voice of reason - but it's nice to dream just a little bit (for a couple of minutes a couple of times a week anyway)!

by thetruth, 19 Mar 2012

Yes everyone needs a little bit of hope!!!
Even if it is a couple of hours on a Saturday night!

by Omendata, 19 Mar 2012
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Aah you and me both Jenla. I fear our dreams are way too elusive though. World peace and a lottery win, I don't ask for too much do I ?

by LILLIE, 19 Mar 2012

I'd bet on world peace coming first.

by thetruth, 19 Mar 2012

Ha... truthy I'd probably lose that bet too...

by LILLIE, 19 Mar 2012

That's true - 13,983,815 to one against the lotto, 13,983,814 to one against world peace!

by thetruth, 19 Mar 2012

Yep sad but true.

by LILLIE, 19 Mar 2012
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can i be a friend please!

by robotrobo, 16 Jan 2013

Do you realy want to inflict a hernia on your postman with the sack loads of begging letters you will get.lol

by Noddy1, 16 Jan 2013
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