GFK Consumer Surveys? Anyone familiar with this company?

by , 5 Feb 2011

I ask the question because I have been a contributor to their on line surveys for about a year now and in that time have been awarded some ?40 in survey draw rewards.

At first, I was suspicious to receive these 'award' emails as it was rather difficult to obtain the reward but they seem to have made it so much easier and now when I get an 'award' email and respond, the chosen voucher is normally with me within three days. And there is a vast range of shop or online vouchers that you can choose from, namely Argos, B&Q, Boots etc. The surveys can be a bit intensive at times but I have to admit that the prize draw awards, albeit in small doses, do come quite regularly. One award I received was for ?20. Definately worth a look if you haven't been there! Go to the link below and click on 'I want to join' in the top right hand corner.

BTW, I have no 'introductory' interest in this matter!


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Yes, I'm a member of GfK. The rewards are not huge but I get a steady drip of prize vouchers. Every little helps, as somebody said.

by Feline123, 5 Feb 2011

I'm not a fan of GFK and have stopped using them. Too much precious time for such little rewards for most of the time.

by creativesaver, 5 Feb 2011

Fully agree creativesaver, I was a member of them and found a number of their surveys to be very lengthy and for little incentive. Left them to concentrate upon the survey sites that appear to offer good rewards.

by Parchester, 5 Feb 2011
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Yes I find them ok.

I do the daily tv survey thing only takes a few minutes and you could win ?1000 - Usually i win ?5 now and again.

They do run other surveys and generally they are one of the better ones - Toluna are a ripoff - they used to be good but were taken over and upped their criterion for a payout and their surveys take at least 20 minutes each to fill in so unless you have lots of spare time and enjoy being bored stiff by monotonous and stupid surveys I would avoid Toluna.

I do probably all of the ones on the internet and so can recommend some if you are thinking of becoming a comper/survey'or lol

by Omendata, 7 Feb 2011

I agree Toluna surveys are pretty rubbish, OD, and they don't target them properly. They know I'm retired, so why do they keep sending me surveys about work then screening me out of them? Grr...

Even more annoying are the surveys that you spend ages on, get nearly to the end, then get screened out. Double Grr....

However, if you spend a few minutes each day completing the sponsored polls the points from them build up quite quickly, and they're very brief - although some of the questions are laughably stupid but, hey, if they're paying me I'll answer them!

I average at least one ?15 voucher a month, not bad for a few minutes a day sitting at the PC with a cup of tea.

by Feline123, 7 Feb 2011

Yes i do agree about the screening out thing very annoying.

They have now introduced behavioural analysis to weed out the people who just randomly fill in surveys too as Imust admit i started to do it myself with all the stupid 30 minute surveys for 3000 points i was receiving.

by Omendata, 7 Feb 2011

They only have themselves to blame if people do that, Omen. If they send out rubbish surveys and annoy people by not targeting them properly they will get rubbish responses.

by Feline123, 8 Feb 2011
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Hi Snoopy48

Thanks for the information. I do a few surveys but tend to do ones that pay out whatever. I try to go for the ones that make payments into Paypal rather than vouchers.

by Vettriano, 7 Feb 2011

Crikey there cant be many that do that i can think of except maybe Inyouropinion!

Cmon V give us some tips!

by Omendata, 11 Feb 2011

Hi Omendata, Pinecone pay directly into Paypal, so do Surveyhead and MySurvey also has an option to pay directly in Paypal. I don't do Inyouropinion - signed up with them but they didn't seem very good - in my opinion. LOL

by Vettriano, 11 Feb 2011


by Omendata, 11 Feb 2011

Hi, OD. There are several that pay in cash - varies between paypal, bank transfer or cheque. Ones that spring to mind are Opinium, Springboard, Global Test Market, New Vista, Populus Live and YouGov.

If you can't find them by googling let me know and I'll dig out the links.

by Feline123, 11 Feb 2011

Excellent V I joined Surveyhead and made a quick ?4 this morning and blew it all on a slap up can of coke, pack of crisps and a lottery ticket this afternoon!

Thanks Feelmine I am a member of all those ones!
Hard to find new ones but V. has some new ones.
Pinecone cant join as you require an invite!

by Omendata, 12 Feb 2011

I'm a member of Pinecone, OD and they're really good. They do sometimes give members the opportunity to refer friends, so next time they do so I'll let you know.

by Feline123, 12 Feb 2011

Omendata, try doing a google search for an invite. I have found a couple of invites that way.

by Vettriano, 12 Feb 2011
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